Moving on: Why I left Facebook and Instagram…for the last time!

It wasn’t my first time hitting the “delete account” button on Facebook, but it was the last.  Facebook owns Instagram, which is the only reason for that upsetting sacrifice. I really loved Instagram. So, why did I decide to do this?

Facebook has long been altering news feeds and collecting information, nothing new there. That said their recent purge of certain political pages, expansion of data collection, and involvement in politics and social engineering really bothered me. The final nail in the coffin was data collection, because they do not profit share with their users. They collect data, sell it, then sell ad space to the people they sold data to, and not a penny goes to the users who are having their information sold (or given freely in some cases) to unnamed, and as far as users know, secret information collectors from around the world…Russia, China, North Korea, the US Government, Local Police Departments (who are also allowed to buy guns on Facebook, publicly, while we citizens are not). I find this collection of nefarious practices and greed unacceptable, especially with their social engineering and promotion of discourse and conflict in society.

Have you ever wondered why the local and national news is so negative, or why your Facebook feed is (probably) so full of conflict? It’s because you cant watch TV, or to the point of this post, you wont be on Facebook, if you feel good and safe about the world and are out being a part of it. Their goal is to CAPTURE your attention and energy, that is actual marketing terminology, so they can feed you commercials and fear, so you stay home, buy things you don’t need, keep a regular status quo job, max out your credit cards, live in debt, and never expand or explore your deeper interests, or try to make a hands-on positive difference in the world.

These enterprises thrive on social destruction, and yes they are that “evil” and intentional about it.

I can no longer take part, and hopefully others feel the same way and leave Facebook behind. A better alternative will eventually arise if enough people support it.

So, that is the gist of why I left Facebook and Instagram. It is why this old dusty page is getting shaken off, and given new life.

For those who subscribed years ago, I apologize for the lack of new content…and hopefully, as my life and plans develop, you will see a lot more of me here.

Trials by fire, and healing.

Dear Sunaina,

Is it odd that I don’t really think about what happens after we die? I figure, if it’s for me to know then I’ll know, but I don’t yet. This tangible world is so amazing. What we have explored of its possibilities is miniscule.
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Karl, a King, and my return.

IMG_4925 - Edited
Dear Sunaina,

I’ve been procrastinating writing because so much is up in the air as far as moving to Maui permanently, but I’ve been in the clouds and every time I open the door it seems to be raining, so it’s time to get started writing! It’s been a pretty nice couple of weeks here, had a guest, inadvertently helped a Pueo have a successful hunting trip, garden beds are flowering, all kinds of stuff is going on! And, I’ll be returning to the mainland on Sept 3rd.
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And that’s no bull!

Dear Sunaina,

I hope all is well in the Big Apple, lacking worms and all. The homestead has been in the clouds for the last couple of days, hoping that today my clothes on the “solar dryer”, aka clothesline, will be done. A bull has made his way to Killer Hill, and has been making things interesting for some people here. The car search continues, and I learned something simple about perspective.
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