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Horses, naked gardening, and the little things that move you…like coffee!

Dear Sunaina, I am sure you are as eagerly awaiting “World Naked Gardening Day” and “International Permaculture Day” as I am, this Saturday and Sunday! What better way to spend the early spring than enjoying nature au naturale? May 1st is often considered the first safe day to plant frost-intolerant varieties of plants, and Mother’s day is coming up, so… Read more →

What is within a seed?

A seed, where ideas, ambition, hope, possibility, life, and the legacies of generations, are all held within its thin wall and tiny structure. The ‘Laws of Physics’ dictate that something cannot come from nothing. If true, then from where did our Universe originate? A seed. These tiny things, of which we can hold thousands in one hand, or in one… Read more →