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Horses, naked gardening, and the little things that move you…like coffee!

Dear Sunaina, I am sure you are as eagerly awaiting “World Naked Gardening Day” and “International Permaculture Day” as I am, this Saturday and Sunday! What better way to spend the early spring than enjoying nature au naturale? May 1st is often considered the first safe day to plant frost-intolerant varieties of plants, and Mother’s day is coming up, so… Read more →

Practicing in the prime of life…

Dear Sunaina, The other night I walked home from the neighbor’s house, after dark. What a huge difference between Hawaii and Louisiana. In Louisiana, walking down a rural trail at night, I would have to think about snakes, spiders, hogs, coyotes, rutting bucks, livestock, idiots, and drunks. On Killer Hill I had to think about not tripping on rocks, how… Read more →