What is within a seed?

A seed, where ideas, ambition, hope, possibility, life, and the legacies of generations, are all held within its thin wall and tiny structure. The ‘Laws of Physics’ dictate that something cannot come from nothing. If true, then from where did our Universe originate? A seed. These tiny things, of which we can hold thousands in one hand, or in one… Read more →

Practicing in the prime of life…

Dear Sunaina, The other night I walked home from the neighbor’s house, after dark. What a huge difference between Hawaii and Louisiana. In Louisiana, walking down a rural trail at night, I would have to think about snakes, spiders, hogs, coyotes, rutting bucks, livestock, idiots, and drunks. On Killer Hill I had to think about not tripping on rocks, how… Read more →

Mortality and What the Cat Dragged in for Dinner

Dear Sunaina, Yesterday was a very interesting day. After working on the Jeep, again since its brakes are now acting up, I walked down the mountain to meet more neighbors. They were young, vibrant, full of optimism and effort, and we had great conversations about growing natural foods and medicines. Their gardens were amazing, but they were missing the compost… Read more →

Thoughtfulness and Beauty: Living Sustainably

Dear Sunaina, I’m back on the mountain, with the Jeep in mostly working order. I not-so-jokingly told some friends that, “friends don’t let friends buy Jeeps”, and this thing isn’t even mine and it’s costing me a fortune! Another friend replied that Jeep means “Just Empty Every Pocket”, and unfortunately I have to agree. Jeep, if you read this, send… Read more →