Brewing Kombucha Correctly

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Anonymous asked 3 years ago

Hello Colin! Thank you for offering your experiences and expertise through this site. So appreciated! I was hoping you could help me with my Kombucha adventures. I recently started brewing some and was told to let the dried scoby sit in the tea/sugar/vinegar mixture for 30 days in order to activate it. After 30 days, I tried the kombucha but it was SO sour. Is it because I left it to ferment for too long? Or did I maybe use too much vinegar? (The instructions I had told me to keep the napkin that covered the kombucha damp with vinegar, so I would simply pour vinegar on the napkin once in a while and sometimes some would drip into the mixture.) Any thoughts would be helpful. I am going to try again with the scoby and starter tea from the first batch, but I’m definitely not drinking any of it!

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farmingafuture Staff answered 3 years ago

Hey, no problem! I’ve not read too many great things about starting Kombucha from a dried scoby, pretty much the opposite. Your first “brew” sounds like it just didn’t work. Did you get a “baby” on top of that Kombucha batch? You should have seen a second scoby start to form. If not, it was just a failed experiment…a learning opportunity! I have always started my Kombucha with living mothers. I usually buy a bottle of “original” Kombucha, of whatever brand I like (usually Synergy), and make a tea/sugar mix and pour the teeeeny tiny mother at the bottom of the cold bottle (she floats when it warms up) and about 1/3rd of the bottle into a quart of room temperature (70-80f) tea and sugar mixture. I think I have had a 100% success rate using this method, starts growing in a couple days. I’ve even grown mothers from other brands that filter their scoby out. Give that a shot, start a batch at the same time you try again with the dehydrated scoby, let me know how it goes!