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Thoughtfulness and Beauty: Living Sustainably

Dear Sunaina, I’m back on the mountain, with the Jeep in mostly working order. I not-so-jokingly told some friends that, “friends don’t let friends buy Jeeps”, and this thing isn’t even mine and it’s costing me a fortune! Another friend replied that Jeep means “Just Empty Every Pocket”, and unfortunately I have to agree. Jeep, if you read this, send… Read more →

Turmeric and Ladybugs: People are Waking Up

Dear Sunaina, Last I read New York was gripped by bitter cold, ice, and snow. I hope this letter finds you warm, safe, and happy. Upon my arrival to Hawai’i, to be the┬ácaretaker of an off-grid homestead and meditation retreat, I was met with the most pleasant reality, Maui has not been overcome by the gluttonous culture of the western… Read more →