That was screwed up, honey!

When I woke up the next day, the dog had moved on. I guess it wasn’t his final stop, though it was, or is, certainly near. Still, I’m confident in my decision to leave him be. His pack must have been stayed close, because a little later on I caught another dog eating the cat food. When I opened the door it ran off, tail tucked and at full speed, with a cat food bowl in his mouth. I heard him run through the woods with it, twigs rapidly rapping on the metal bowl, and eventually I heard it rattle and roll on some rocks as he dropped it. Though after searching, I still can’t find it!

The beehive is lingering in limbo, between collapse and survival, with many of the bees trying to return to their home inside the roof. I think they’ll be OK, though it’s likely to be a challenging month for them. I’ll order a new bee suit this week, deciding not to risk contamination by having my old one mailed to me. I will have a tiny portion of my library sent to me, however; so others around here can read up on this whole sustainability thing! One of the neighbors has some very nice tongue and groove hardwood flooring that they took from a condemned cabin. He wants a beehive for the colony living in his house, so I think I’ll offer him a trade. We can make two Top-Bar hives with the flooring, set one up for him, and in exchange he’ll give me a hive so I can catch a swarm. I think he’ll be into that. Bees have constantly been around me since I moved here, and I do miss working with them. Going from 30,000 girlfriends to 0 has been a tough transition (all worker bees are female)!

image (2)Tomorrow the retreatant arrives and will engage in her silent meditation stay. While she’s here I’ll take a couple days off and visit other parts of the island, specifically the two friends that hooked me up with this gig. They live on a big fruit orchard and are market sellers, living on a coastal cliff. When the Humpbacks are nearby they can hear them breathing from their house. I’m looking forward to that adventure. I might even get to check out a future place for myself, we’ll see. Those friends stopped by for a random visit earlier in the week, it was nice, and after they left I got a call and had an opportunity to go help them with a little mechanical issue. Not long afterwards they were safely on their way home.

The day before yesterday I went on the roof at night to fix a tarp and found two screws, sticking up, with the bottom of my foot! I ended up with only one puncture, the screw going about 3 threads in, and the second just a poke. I lucked out, really, and after nursing it for a couple days it seems to be closed with no signs of infection. Being a beekeeper, and fan of essential oils and natural remedies, I use raw honey and oils to treat my wounds. Raw honey has something called Glucose Oxidase in it, and when it mixes with fluids it forms a mild, therapeutic, form of hydrogen peroxide. It’s powerful enough to kill bacteria but not tissue, as it stimulates tissue growth whereas hydrogen peroxide from the store is powerful enough to kill the skin tissue as well as bacteria. Honey also seals bacteria out while it’s hydrophilic nature pulls fluid from the wound, which could include debris and infection. When I treat my own wounds, I use raw honey, tea tree oil, and witch hazel, adding lavender if it’s a burn. If there are any signs of infection before that I will open the wound and blast it with 91% Isopropyl alcohol, which is extremely harsh, before I do anything else to it. I’m not a doctor or nurse, but rarely do I have any kind of infected wounds on me even though I live in the dirt. In case you’re wondering, I blasted the screw hole with 91, because it was red and irritated, then followed up with witch hazel, then tea tree, then raw honey and a bandage. After wearing that all day while I worked on my new garden bed, walked half way up and down the mountain, and all night, this morning it’s fine.

image (1)In other news, finally the Jeep is running without any current issues! It’s nice to be fully functional, maybe lemonade has been made with the lemon. Could it be that the lingering issues have been fixed? I do not know. The search for a truck continues, and also for a lawn tractor! This place, where I am actually volunteer, is a Public Charity. If someone donates a new lawn tractor, it’s 100% tax deductible (according to turbotax) since it will be used here. No luck so far on Craigslist, and no actual expectations of someone doing that. If I crowdsource it probably won’t be for a lawn tractor on someone else’s property but rather for some land to build my school/community center, or an excavator.


All is well on Easter morning, except that little bastard bunny didn’t leave me any chocolate!



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