What is within a seed?

Goji Seeds

A seed, where ideas, ambition, hope, possibility, life, and the legacies of generations, are all held within its thin wall and tiny structure. The ‘Laws of Physics’ dictate that something cannot come from nothing. If true, then from where did our Universe originate? A seed. These tiny things, of which we can hold thousands in one hand, or in one mind, are scattered about throughout, perpetually showering all of creation with their vitality and potential. With seeds we craft the world around us, with and without intent and direction. Seeds of knowledge and culture are instilled in the fertile minds of those with whom we have influence. We can alter generations to come, for better or worse, depending on the seeds we sow. We can alter landscapes and environments, depending on the same. Our individual world to come is a blank canvas, a seed, until it becomes the world as we live it in the moment, a sprout, where it becomes the world that we influence through ideas and actions, a flower, and finally the world that becomes from our influence and actions, new seeds. This cycle is inherently unique and yet universal to all of our lives. A seed is the gateway to the future, crafted by the experience of the present and past. What’s in a seed? Everything that ever was, that is, and that could be. Our inescapable burden, and our greatest gift, it is the world we feed, and indeed, us within a seed.

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